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Photography as Art

The dicipline of photography has never been seperate in my mind from true art. Uh, what is "true" art? Art is not defined by it's potential to sell or make a profit for the artist. Art may live a double life. It may be utilitarian and beautiful at the same time - like a head shot of an actor or model looking for an audition. Or a portrait of a musician or band looking for a visual aspect to marketing themselves beyond the music. Sure, there is place in the world for commercial, technically precise photographic images. We preserve time in 1/250 of a second. But is is not the mechanism of the camera that is responsible. Has "taking pictures" in the current age of digitally brilliant post production capabilities/smart phone/social media become so commonplace now, that anyone who can press a button may be called a photographer? An artist? A photographer who has studied various diciplines such as painting, drawing and sculpture, this is an artist at work. A camera in the hands of an artist with the heart of a seeker, an explorer adds something of herself to the image. It is no longer just a record of that moment in time; no longer simply a physical and soulful image of the subject; but becomes something else.

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